Gotta love when people claim that Linux is too hard for regular people to use.
No it isn't. People just refuse to relearn anything. People were forced to learn Windows because they knew no computer system. So they painstakingly spent years learning that whether they wanted to or not.

If a person learned Linux first you'll have the opposite problem. Suddenly they claim that Windows is too hard because they're not used to it.

I only realized this because I knew a 60-70 year old grandpa who bought his first computer. It was a used one but didn't have an OS on it. I told him he'd need to buy a Windows license, and I could put Ubuntu on it so that he could use it until he found a Windows license.

When he got a Windows license I installed that. He came back two weeks later begging me to put Ubuntu back on it because Windows was too hard to use.

@quad You are right that the reverse is true when that happens. I'm not claiming it doesn't happen.

My comment wasn't really about the why, more about the "which demographic is actually statistically bothered about this"

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