I'm not trying to get into a war with Jack or his Dad. Just read some books.Last night Vortex stated on his podcast he thought people were worried about "shorting" regarding the ETF.
People are worried about dilution of the BTC. It's called "inflation", when you increase the money supply. When you print 100 million pare BTC and add it to the hard cap. And I'm not saying we don't need the liquidity. We do.
I'm just saying, all of a sudden, somehow, it's OK to print BTC.

@mydogisahusky Can you elaborate on what you mean by "printing" BTC here?

@jcorgan I think @mydogisahusky is referring to a fractionally reserved bitcoin system an entity like Bakkt might setup.

@btcFUD @mydogisahusky I'll let him comment, but ETFs don't work by creating extra units of the underlying, so I'm a little confused by what he's saying.

@jcorgan @btcFUD
Are you familiar with the GLD and the SLV? You know they are selling 200 ounces of paper silver for every ounce of physical held?
That is "printing silver".


@mydogisahusky @jcorgan @btcFUD you totally misunderstood the whole thing buddy. some leverage risk that a bunch of wallstreet investors create for themselve will only make btc stronger. does not need the institutional investors representing a dieing system.

@c @jcorgan @btcFUD
Well, I can honestly say that I hope you are right.
But they are hanging every pensioners ass that buy that shit "out to dry" imo.

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