@m @bisq_network I agree, bisq is amazing, i love the concept and the way the realized it. But I am thinking of a marketplace that helps people do privat offline buying/selling bitcoins in a as safe as possible way. More like local bitcons with no escrow and no KYC/AML


@metamarcdw @m @bisq_network The plattform can not have anything to do with the trade. The plattforms only function will be to connect buyers and sellers, plus ensuring security with a review system and guides on how to keep risks at a minimum. The plattforms role as intermediary has to be reduced as much as possible if that makes sense

@c @m @bisq_network I was working on a project back in 2015 that you may find interested in checking out. The system was architected in a way similar to Mastodon. 'Moderators' could run instances which were essentially repos of id/rep and product info. It was made to be trivial to also set up unmoderated or Laissez-faire instances inside Tor.

@metamarcdw @c @m @bisq_network ZeroNet.

Base platform of self hosted nodes of information.

Replication of good data.

@duckartes @c @m @bisq_network That's essentially what I was doing only less generalized and probably less efficient. There are some specific properties of bitmessage though which made for some very interesting possibilities.

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