@m @btc @bisq_network sounds interesting. As far as I know you always have a chargeback risk at some level if you work with banks. the are obliged to do chargeback under certain conditions. Anyway, I think Bisq is amazing and as far as I know the rely mostly on the idea that the bancs do not understand that BTC buying/selling is going on because Bisq does not put that in the reference for the transaction whicht is a smart thing to do. It always has to get worse before it can get better

@c @m @bisq_network It seems to be a lot easier in SEPA countries, vs the US where sending funds to someone else's bank account is a bit of a pain.

@btc @m @bisq_network sendng funds from any bank to any other bank is always a pain in the ass. Thats actually a good thing for Bitcoin mass adoption.

@c @btc @m @bisq_network I've done dozens of "trades" to date (always BUY via SEPA, the most satisfying way of exiting fiat I've tried to date, btw) Here in Europe we have the most liquidity and is surprising that I haven't had any issue at all. I would've expected that after as many "trades" I've done, I would've had some issue with somebody, but... none! This is my anecdotal evidence and experience. I love it!

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