Just Thinking about creating a real privacy focused peer to peer online marketplace to buy and sell no KYC/AML/etc... I think creating on- and offramps is one of the most important challanges we are having in this eco system. Any thoughts?

@c so kinda like bisq but on a browser aka more newbie friendly?

@bitmaster177 yes, newbiefriendly and without any restrictions, very low / no fees, and a focus on privacy.

@c oh so hodlhodl but with really low fees and more privacy?

@bitmaster177 well, yes and no:
yes: i dont wana hold users funds and it has to be peer to peer. no: hodlhodl is not really privat. As soon as you send funds through bancs it is reconstructable who bought what from whom. So it has to be done in person (more like with local bitcoins but no other payment options exept cash) And it has to be done in a way that not even the plattform itself knows how bought/sold what to whom. I think I have found an easy solution for that dilemma..


Try a Bitcoin (BTC) only Marketplace Dapp. All the others crammed hopeless/scamcoin altcoins on everyone.

It would use regular IPFS, and could be syndicated by webhosts and other peers on dapp?

BTC Dominance 53.1% (coingecko)


Oh you wanted a Bitcoin trading Dapp instead of an BTC-Only OpenBazaar competitor.

Bitcoin trading dapp like a OfferUp/LetGo but for buying Bitcoin instead of items. But everyone is anonymous or under screen-name. Count me in, I'm game for buying Bitcoin without KYC/AML.

@c The "Local trader" embedded in Mycelium used to be cool.
Then, they screw it up when they turned to bcash.

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