MULITBILLION USD SCAMALERT. Bitmains IPO is the biggest Crypto Scam ever. They are going to burn a lot of old economy investors who think they are buying shares from a crypto Mining Company. Truth is: These guys are buying 1 Million Shitcoins plus there core product (S9) is not a state of the art miner anymore and has lost 85% of its value in the last months! This will be a huge shitshow and I am afraid Jihan Wu is going to hurt the whole crypto eco system a lot when this shitballon bursts!

@c Just like we have our finger on the pulse of BTC v. BCH, many legacy investors with crypto experience do too. Capital (new or old) is correctly invested, or it is destroyed. People don't get and maintain wealth by accident!


@thewumbles hmmm.. .here are many Investors trying to hope on the Cryptotrain without understanding the dynamics. Anyway, hope you are right after all!

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