@Bit_Faced Troll coin is real what the fuck, was it not just a BS thing I seen @notsofast taking about it a few months ago

@BitMexTrader @notsofast I had never even heard of it until he tipped some the other day. I thought it was pretty interesting, so I decided to throw some hash at it for a couple days. Didn't realize I would be 90% of the network. lol

@BitMexTrader I'm not even sure. lol I still haven't even gotten them off the pool yet because my wallet still has 16 weeks left to sync. Been syncing since yesterday afternoon.

@Bit_Faced oh shit, when next shitcoin talk lol, old mate needacoin got to shill that shit.


@BitMexTrader I'm no trader but it looks ripe to me? lol. So does every other alt right now though, I suppose.

@Bit_Faced Will take look at this tomorrow mate catch you then, if you are around bra.

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