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Welcome new influx of Bitcoin Twitter exodus.

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Crypto means Cryptography. The only blockchain is a chain of Bitcoin blocks.

We try to be a free speech safe-space, but don't be a d1ck, keep it legal, don't shitcoin, don't spam/scam. Even though you have the right to express your ideas no one is obligated to listen or host them.There is no privacy here, this software was not designed with that in mind, govern yourself accordingly. Running this instance on best effort basis.

Ideally, you should run your own instance. Not your instance, not your data! So, backup your profile. The goal is creating smaller "tribes" to make for a more resilient network. We need more options, not more re-centralization. This is the way to more resilient rough consensus.

Also, make sure to join the Telegram Bitcoin Twitter Backup channel

Some house rules:

  • No scams
  • No drama
  • No shitcoin promoting
  • No impersonation
  • No begging
  • No illegal content
  • Not your instance not your data, you could be deleted here.

Don't agree? Run your own instance. Keep it civil and we should all survive :)

❤️Bitcoin Hackers

PS: Learn how to keep your Bitcoin safe here