Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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@youngtilopa @ShaneLunde Wish I could say the same. lost everything with NEXO crypto loan liquidations on that covid crash. Been here since 2016, every single god damn day and I have nothing to show for it. Been even eating beans and rice for weeks. Make sure you lock up one bitcoin and protect it with

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Benefits of LOT=false outlined by Greg Maxwell. (LOT=false means that a Bitcoin client will NOT activate the Taproot upgrade after a year regardless of hash power support, whereas LOT=true means that a Bitcoin client WILL activate it once the year is up.)

What I would like to see. I'm not a trader but this would be cool.

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Finally dug my Raspberry Pi out of storage to set up and play with an Umbrel Bitcoin node. It’s so beautiful and easy! Plus it’s super easy to agree to every one of the use terms. Kudos to the @getumbrel team! Stellar work! I can’t wait to see the progress.

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Solidarity is commie speak, for great levelling of all except ruling classes.

Great poisoning of the masses.

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It was so fun setting up my @getumbrel node I decided to set one up for my wife.

Jack is a great trader. Follow him and follow his advice. I'm a hodler but I can see how many people could learn a lot from him.
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@trader0086 It doesn’t really matter what you read: wyckoff, elliot wave theory, gann, price action concepts, classical patterns, moving average strategies, volume analysis, what matters is how you use those tools to create your way of trading, which involves research on your own.

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in the next five years

many states will ban bitcoin
some states will create explicit crypto-economic zones to attract highly mobile digital nomads, capital, etc
a handful of states will openly add BTC to their FX reserves

NCB creating holders.
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The Central Bank of Nigeria has ordered all banks to close any accounts transacting with cryptocurrencies.

Via @Tanzeel_Akhtar

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If your exchange is still using USDT(ERC20) and no options available to use other chains, stop using the exchange. Even USDT (Omni) transactions are cheaper at this moment but @Liquid_BTC works better for USDT.

It's funny how Ethereans say the security budget for Bitcoin will be too low and the Bcashers say the security budget will be too high. Can't you shitcoiners just get along?

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