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If you’re poor you got $1,200.

If you’re rich you got billions in PPP.

And if you’re middle class? You got a bill.

One step closer to becoming a YouTube star making $15 million/year. Probs not, but I have an account now, go subscribe & stay tuned next week for the beginning of Mongol Rally 2020: From The Couch! via @YouTube

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The 12-Faced Holoscope is a type of kaleidoscope based on truncated Platonic solids by artist Gary Allison. Through the symmetry of the reflections, these triangles appear as an infinite array of tetrahedrons

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2015: If you remove a parking space, how will customers get to my restaurants?


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My life’s work, 14 years, 5 documentary films, over 270k subscribers, over 35m views, all gone, no warning, no email, nothing!!! Please message @TeamYouTube and help me get my channel, all those comments and supporters of my work back!!! First they came for the journalists...

« When the wise man points at the Moon, the idiot looks at the finger. »

1. The majority of this pollution is byproduct of manufacturing stuff for North/West markets.

2. A big part is North/West export of garbage as "recyclables".

3. "WesternDemocracy" 🤣
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90% of all waste in the oceans comes from 10 rivers in Asia and Africa.
America contributes about 1% and Australia 0.06%.
WesternDemocracy does more for …

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All this been done for free and with love by your devoted @swisscryptocat for @CitadelleVr. With the help of @BITPAINTclub @CameliaCams @Vix184 @zlok @CryptomaniacFr @MrProbleme @CanuMickael @CrypTalk_ @FanisMichalakis and more...


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The Cyber City hosts bitcoiners meetups every Saturday 9.30 PM (GMT +1)

It features lots of artworks from rhe world creator's @swisscryptocat 's favourite artists:
- @pascalboyart
- @money_alotta
- @phneep
- @LuchoPoletti
- @primal_cypher
- @yegorpetr0v

Definitely worth a visit. See you there! 👋
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The Cyber City is a world uploaded on AlstpaceVR.
Even if still under construction you can visit it any time with or without a VR headset.
Just log in Altspace and add the world to your favorites with the link below, then go explore the city and discover its secrets.

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Saw this earlier and needed more people to see this.

What's the appeal of @stoolpresidente? I don't get it/him. ELI5 what I'm missing?

*Sees ad*
"Mainstream adoption is not too far?"

*Reads comments*
"We are still very, very, very early!"
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2012 - first Bitcoin halving
2013 - Bitcoin breaches $1000 mark
2016 - second halving
2017 - Bitcoin breaches $20K mark
2018 - Bitcoin goes below $6K
2020 - Third Bitcoin Halving
If you think it is time to trade Bitcoin CFDs, join Plus500!
Capital at risk

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