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This weekend, @udiWertheimer interviews @pierre_rochard on as a savings technology. It's the only real meetup in town, don't miss it!

VR headset NOT REQUIRED! Few understand this...

🗓 Saturday July 18th, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET / 11am PT

Sign up now: account.altvr.com/events/15175

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⚡ @CitadelleVr 's meetup link for Saturday will drop today in the Discord ⚡

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Your first posts about were in 2013.
So you only have 3 more years to a full 10 that you've watched skyrocket & consistently find higher price floors while insisting it cannot work.

Will you take your own advice if isn't dead by 2023? 🤔 twitter.com/PeterSchiff/status

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The Cyber City hosts bitcoiners meetups every Saturday 9.30 PM (GMT +1)

It features lots of artworks from rhe world creator's @swisscryptocat 's favourite artists:
- @pascalboyart
- @money_alotta
- @phneep
- @LuchoPoletti
- @primal_cypher
- @yegorpetr0v

Definitely worth a visit. See you there! 👋
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The Cyber City is a world uploaded on AlstpaceVR.
Even if still under construction you can visit it any time with or without a VR headset.
Just log in Altspace and add the world to your favorites with the link below, then go explore the city and discover its secrets.

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Did you miss us? Time to meet friends in VR again!

Join us and @JeremyRubin to learn about OP_CTV and Sapio, a new bitcoin smart contract language.


🗓 Saturday July 11th, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET / 11am PT

Details + Sign up: account.altvr.com/events/15089

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You’re going to want to follow @Reckless_VR right now, the invite for this Saturday’s VR meetup drops later today, and it’s a big one 😎

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Do you find yourself doing large transactions or learning difficult new stuff with risk of loosing sats mostly when...

Scammy liars everywhere. Be careful out there.

"BTC hodler"
*Proceeds to shill shitcoin token* 🤷‍♂️
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34, Chinese, living in London (willing to relocate), hodler, looking for a responsible man to build a happy family together. Apply through PM. Please help me to retweet. Thanks!🙏 @princey1976 @Maxbuybit @selfbankt @GabIsTweeting @alex_fazel @100trillionUSD @J0E007

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can you please help Relai to become the top trending app in finance?🙌

after 48 hours we‘re now top 4 with 300+ app downloads and a clean 5-star rating!🤩

to pump it:
1. download app
2. give a 5-star review
3. retweet this tweet

takes finance by storm!💪

Ripple people are annoyed: they want their logo associated with the token symbol, but can’t connect it with the “full name” () without admitting they created a securities they work so hard to distance themselves from. 🤷‍♂️

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Vs faites quoi ce soir ?

Nous, comme tous les samedis soirs, on se rejoint en réalité virtuelle pour discuter de 🥂

Où ? ➡️ Sur AltspaceVR
Comment ? ➡️ Inscription via ce lien (limité a 30places) account.altvr.com/events/15024

Vous pouvez ns rejoindre AVEC ou SANS casque

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@KirilMitrov @zlok @uzh_blockchain @VitalikButerin @ethereumJoseph @justinsuntron @bgarlinghouse Yes, you are right, that there are other use cases for block chains, but that doesn't automatically mean the creation of new blockchains. Just look at the reasons why Microsoft chose as the trust anchor for their efforts for the decentralized Identity foundation.

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1/ Do you trust closed-source wallets?

I don't, but I also know that generic chips are not enough to withstand physical access and secure chips are all closed source.

Read how it is possible to combine open-source and a secure chip!


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@decentruck just had an awesome event! We did ' and ⚡ only' café and it worked perfectly! People were coming back and automatically using sats as a currency. Using @PhoenixWallet, @walletofsatoshi and , we created a smooth user experience. Thread 👇

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Fun night yesterday in 🌃
First attended @Reckless_VR 's meetup on privacy then headed to our @CitadelleVr meetup in a brand new "Cyber Citadelle" environment just created and still under construction.
Thx to everyone that visited!

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