Belles images, bon texte, bien joué ça donne envie. 👌
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Que feriez-vous en premier dans un pays béni où la vie fleurit et sourit à perte de vue? C’est tout ce à quoi vous devez penser. Parce que derrière chaque expérience idéale, il y a un protocole complet pour votre sécurité en action.

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⚡ @CitadelleVr 's meetup link for Saturday will drop today in the Discord ⚡

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My friends asking HOW I did that my covid balcony garden went so crazy.

The tallest tomatoes are over 180cm now, seem not to stop growth despite hitting the ceiling. They carry at least 50 large tomato strings, ripening, and many flowers popping up.

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Is it just me, or is this trend of "crypto influencer" teen girls starting to get old?

"Failing" implies trying. The welfare system encourages to actually give up, without even trying.
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“What the welfare system and other kinds of governmental programs are doing is paying people to fail. Insofar as they fail, they receive the money; insofar as they succeed, even to a moderate extent, the money is taken away.”

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The 12-Faced Holoscope is a type of kaleidoscope based on truncated Platonic solids by artist Gary Allison. Through the symmetry of the reflections, these triangles appear as an infinite array of tetrahedrons

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2015: If you remove a parking space, how will customers get to my restaurants?


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My life’s work, 14 years, 5 documentary films, over 270k subscribers, over 35m views, all gone, no warning, no email, nothing!!! Please message @TeamYouTube and help me get my channel, all those comments and supporters of my work back!!! First they came for the journalists...

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All this been done for free and with love by your devoted @swisscryptocat for @CitadelleVr. With the help of @BITPAINTclub @CameliaCams @Vix184 @zlok @CryptomaniacFr @MrProbleme @CanuMickael @CrypTalk_ @FanisMichalakis and more...


Definitely worth a visit. See you there! 👋
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The Cyber City is a world uploaded on AlstpaceVR.
Even if still under construction you can visit it any time with or without a VR headset.
Just log in Altspace and add the world to your favorites with the link below, then go explore the city and discover its secrets.

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Saw this earlier and needed more people to see this.

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