BT people, could you use the same profile pic / avatar for a little while, so that others can easily recognize you please? Thanks :)

I need to update the people I follow here, because of all the newcomers and those who use another handle / profile pic. Who am I missing?? Please add as comment.

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This weekend, @udiWertheimer interviews @pierre_rochard on as a savings technology. It's the only real meetup in town, don't miss it!

VR headset NOT REQUIRED! Few understand this...

🗓 Saturday July 18th, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET / 11am PT

Sign up now:

Belles images, bon texte, bien joué ça donne envie. 👌
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Que feriez-vous en premier dans un pays béni où la vie fleurit et sourit à perte de vue? C’est tout ce à quoi vous devez penser. Parce que derrière chaque expérience idéale, il y a un protocole complet pour votre sécurité en action.

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Je n’ai jamais attendu une quelconque obligation pour mettre un masque dans les lieux publics clos. C’est pour vous protéger. Si vous pensez que j’ai peur, vous avez raison : j’ai peur pour mon père, j’ai peur pour vos parents, jai peur pour la société et l’économie. 1/3

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Capitalism works just efficiently.

New demand creates new products fast. There are many kickstarter projects trying to solve problems.

Here is stylish face shield trying to protect you from touching your face.


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⚡ @CitadelleVr 's meetup link for Saturday will drop today in the Discord ⚡

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My friends asking HOW I did that my covid balcony garden went so crazy.

The tallest tomatoes are over 180cm now, seem not to stop growth despite hitting the ceiling. They carry at least 50 large tomato strings, ripening, and many flowers popping up.

Thread >

Is it just me, or is this trend of "crypto influencer" teen girls starting to get old?

"Failing" implies trying. The welfare system encourages to actually give up, without even trying.
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“What the welfare system and other kinds of governmental programs are doing is paying people to fail. Insofar as they fail, they receive the money; insofar as they succeed, even to a moderate extent, the money is taken away.”

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That's the value of bonuses executives have received from 19 large co's that have gone bankrupt since the start of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, 39 states are seeing rising cases & unemployment benefits are coming to an end.

What could go wrong?

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Your first posts about were in 2013.
So you only have 3 more years to a full 10 that you've watched skyrocket & consistently find higher price floors while insisting it cannot work.

Will you take your own advice if isn't dead by 2023? 🤔

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Harbinger of changes among foreign cos. in Hong Kong: @nytimes had its Asia editing hub in HK for years, but is now moving some editors to Seoul because of the new national security law. And some NYT journalists are having trouble w/ work permit renewals.

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