Which one of this is going to win smart-contract race )

3/3 Ongoing hype is about DeXes and building your own DeX blockchain is still more complicated then just deploy smart-contract on Tezos. And it looks for me that polkadot will loose this race. But only until mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, which will perform massive DDoS attack on single-chain systems. Like in 2017, when it became obvious that bitcoin is not for buying coffee, same will be with single-chain solutions
So, is this analysis correct or am I missing something?)

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2/3 ... and polkadot offers security for them. This gives 2 main advantages:
- no bottleneck, cryptokitties will not affect your dex
- you could have any feature as fast as you can
For example Tezos is going to implement zero proofs, and I found at once substrate parachain on github with zpk. Solana have unique consensys, you could have it on your parachain as well. Even blockchains with sharding, which could fix bottleneck issue, still could not compete here

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1/3 I'm looking for blockchain job, as junior developer, and generally I'm focused on polkadot/substrate, but also like open for other options. That's what my profile on job site says) And I was contacted by several teams, with offers to work with other etherium competitors, like Solana, Tezos and more. And I took a closer look at them, comparing to polkadot and came to next conclusions:
Main feature of polkadot is that everyone could have its own blockchain (parachain) ...

New blockchain-based social network with self-regulated communities - commun.com/

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What will happen when people realizes bank doesn't have money? And this problem applies to all countries, not only in

Prominent Hong Kong pro-independence political activist Chen Haotian has called for a run on Chinese banks, asking that everyone withdraw their money on the same day.


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Скоро в Eclair впровадять можливість отримувати біткоїни через LN https://medium.com/@ACINQ/enabling-receive-on-eclair-mobile-2e1b87bd1e3a
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Anarchast Ep.452 Topics include: Roger unable to attend Anarchapulco this year, Bitcoin Cash and the recent forks, Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin Cash, conflict with Craig Wright another internet conspiracy, Bitcoin cash is fast cheap and reliable, Bitcoin Cash candy machines and monkey feeders, feeding Bitcoin cash to chickens, Bitcoin used to be faster, Badger Wallet, [...]

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