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Fund to support from famous Ukrainian guys

Our goal is to break the chain of war and scatter its links far away from each other. So that they could never meet again.

Our main fundraising tool is . You can buy any of the artworks below or make a simple donation.

Important! We don’t raise money for weapons. We raise money for medicine, evacuation and repair needs, food and clothes. Our priority is to help civilians.

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You can support Ukrainian army with donation savelife.in.ua/en/donate/
This fund collaborates with military units at front line, providing arms, body armor and other supplies directly to soldiers, when government fails. Yep, Ukraine is pretty #anarchist

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#Ukraine #RussianInvasion #supportUkraine #Україна

theory of decentralized not able to evolve looks kind of legit. If apply it to , this means there will be no 1kk price for coin, as far as it will become outdated network

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#blockchaindev question. Is it possible that www domain could be owned by smart-contract? For example we have fediverse instance, governed by #DAO github.com/autogestion/fedi-ne , and instance have distributed database codeberg.org/silverpill/mitra/
the only thing which is not community-owned will be domain. Abolishing it means hard-forking activitypub, which is kind of fail (
#blockchain #ddb

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