@ManceRayder14 Howdy, welcome to Mastadon, you got some fans on here

Has anybody been able to receive a lightning transaction with the Android lightning wallet by Anton kumaigorodski?

I can't seem to request payments because it says "Receiving not yet enabled by peer".

@mydogisahusky that's smart. I just have a couple of cooked meals that will not last longer than a month. The freezer situation is something I have pondered about as well. Freezing food is pretty much useless in a grid down situation.

@mydogisahusky @nic I have a catadyn filter that's really good (tried it out in a local creek) and am collecting reserves. Problem is: we're not preparing enough food at home.

Amazing how people still believe that when they put their money in the bank, that it still belongs to them. It doesn't, once you pay it in, it is the property of the banks.

Swap any spare FIAT you have for Btc, you know it makes sense. Banks are cracking down on Venezulans and threatening to close accounts. We shall see more and more of this.


@mydogisahusky @nic Huh. Didn't read that until now. I hope it's not foretelling...
Nevertheless it doesn't hurt to be prepared. I'm interested in preparedness as well... But very bad at executing it.

@orionwl man I'm stupid. Took me 18 hours to realize what you meant... Unfortunately the node got stuck this night so I'm still not in sync with bitcoind. As soon as I am I will open one back.

Tusky is a really great mastodon android app - highly recommended if you've not installed it.

@dawie yeah. No funds lost as it seems, but it's just sensible to wait with opening channels until your c-lightning node is at the current tip of the blockchain.
Otherwise the channel partner and you are guaranteed to have misunderstandings about the funding status of your channel.

Pro Tip: Don't open channels to your release candidate mainnet lightning node while bitcoind is still doing it's initial sync.

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