Infringing on patents would mean every user of bitcoin would infringe on patents.
Could that be stopped? No.
Could a lot of harm happen to some of Bitcoin's users? Yes.
Would that dampen adoption? Sure.

@zechendorf In many (most?) jurisdictions, patent infringment requires "professional use".

How does this apply to a decentralised P2P network? Not very well, but clearly professional actors, like exchanges and payment providers would be the likely targets of infringment suits.

@lawyercrypto thanks for the clarification.

As you pointed out - it's just not smart and would probably alienate professional users of bitcoin which really shouldn't happen.

@zechendorf I guess a part of Bitcoin related business will have to endure stupid (and less stupid?) patent litigation, like any business area.

The decentralised, fully digital and global nature of Bitcoin will, however, mean that the impact of patents will be less significant than in some other areas of business.

@lawyercrypto exactly. I am convinced Bitcoin would survive a patent shitstorm but it would slow down adoption. Like every new technology there will be stupid patent litigation especially for successful actors (i.e. actors with money that you can sue).

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