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If you're wondering why I followed you: I am currently trying to curate a list of worthy bitcoin follows since I really want to leave Twitter for Mastodon.

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just clicked through pages of docusign stuff and four screens of captchas to relicense a single LLVM commit from 2009, hope they're happy now,

Unfortunately, Andreas falsely claiming a double spend did _not_ happen is dangerous: people have to realize that a single confirmation is not an absolute guarantee.

This case was ~$20, and looks like someone was just moving money between different wallets.

But if you're accepting a payment large enough that you can't risk even a very low chance of a double spend, you _do_ need to wait for multiple confirmations. Claiming otherwise could lead to people losing money.

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Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

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75% of all dollars were printed after was created.

Fuck Twitter dude. They banned me for retweeting some really tame shit about censorship. The purge is here. - it's getting really busy here...

To whoever sold (probably nobody on this platform): Thank you for the cheap coins.
Crazy price action on Coinbase EUR - down to 22,500 EUR (USD 27,400). Now back up 30%.

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A deflationary currency will lead to lower time preference, less mindless consumption, and an end to the rat race necessitated by inflation

Reducing mindless consumption is the #1 thing we all can do to fight climate change, and Bitcoin is the incentive mechanism

The question now is: Are you less likely to die of COVID-19 when convicted of a crime or are Texas county jails filled with 80% innocent people (until proven guilty)?

Ahahahahahahahaha 😂

AND ITS GONE: Popular BSV multisig provides no security at all and eventually the coins all go poof. - bsv

This is the reason why I urge anybody to not lend out their bitcoin to gain interest. It's just too risky - especially if you expect the price to go up significantly.

And let's be honest - although bitcoin has utility regardless of price, all of us expect the price to go up significantly even if we're never selling our coins.

@zechendorf - I'm with you.

It would be great to have some of the prominent personalities over here but if I can engage in thoughtful conversation here I an ultimately better off. I can avoid all the distractions and BS on twitter and vote with my feet against twitter censorship.

If you're wondering why I followed you: I am currently trying to curate a list of worthy bitcoin follows since I really want to leave Twitter for Mastodon.

Twitter believes Kyle Rittenhouse is a mass murderer. Guilty until proven innocent.

Disturbing reports that Google Play is threatening to kick out Mastodon apps. See:

App stores have a track record of acting capriciously & are also easy targets for gov't censors (including Trump). This is why alternatives like @fdroidorg are so important for user freedom.

If unfamiliar: F-Droid is a free & open source app you can use to install other Android apps, with focus on free & open source software. Get it here:

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