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As of block 687284, Taproot signalling has reached 1815 blocks this period, guaranteeing that absent very deep reorgs, it is guaranteed to lock in. Following that, it will activate at block 709632, probably around mid-November 2021. 🥕

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1) Just a little QE.
2) More QE. Permanent QE.
3) QE ♾. Never Let Markets Fall.
= Socialism For the Rich.

4) Just a little MMT.
5) More Free Money. Permanent MMT.
6) MMT Forever. Free Money Forever.
= Socialism for All.

Socialism for the Rich leads to Socialism for All.

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Matt Odell on Breedlove bitclout situation. Well said.

RT @JackMallers
A sovereign state is plugging into the best open monetary network in pursuit of freedom and financial inclusion.

The real concern is the IMF’s inability to support El Salvador’s pursuit.

If you’re restricting basic human freedom, you’re the criminal, not those fighting for it. twitter.com/financialjuice/sta

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consumes energy to protect its users from the corruption & stupidity of our political leaders, their utter destruction of the economy & our livelihoods.

Dear politicians: The reason it consumes so much is because of how powerfully stupid & corrupt you are.

RT @JCastroS
@PeterSchiff @michael_saylor Cool story bro. Now short and show the receipts.

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The President of El Salvador just called out the Central Banks for creating the problems and said that El Salv adopting will be an example for the world.

This is history in the making!

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Other countries must follow El Salvador 🇸🇻 FAST!! Paraguay 🇵🇾 Argentina 🇦🇷 Panama 🇵🇦 Brazil 🇧🇷 Nicaragua 🇳🇮. El Salvador decision to make legal tender has geopolitical implications. US will react, with IMF or aircraft carriers. Easy to attack 1, difficult to attack many

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The President of El Salvador (@nayibbukele) isn't being interviewed by Bloomberg or the New York Times.

He's being interviewed by @nic__carter @balajis and @APompliano on Twitter Spaces.


RT @duczko
full recording of president of El Salvador ⁦@nayibbukele
talking about the bill (1h 8min)

in @nic__carter @TwitterSpaces ⁩with @PeterMcCormack @bitcoinmom ⁦@bukele @APompliano @CaitlinLong_ @gladstein @Bitcoinbeach


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The has been approved by a supermajority in the Salvadoran Congress.

62 out of 84 votes!

History! 🇸🇻

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I didn't think I could get more bullish about but then I listened to President @nayibbukele talk about making it legal tender in his country on Twitter spaces in front of an audience of over 20,000 enraptured people around the world.

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Some top social media personalities, plus some plebs, are in a public audio chat with numerous political members throughout Latin American as well as the President of El Salvador...

The world is just a completely different place than it was 10 years ago.

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Just renegotiating the global monetary realignment on twitter spaces

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While I'm in @nic__carter's Spaces with @nayibbukele 👀... I figured I'd throw together the audio of the bill that was just introduced into Congress.

For anyone who wants to listen...

"Bitcoin Law - The El Salvador Legal Tender Bill"

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Paraphrasing @nayibbukele from @nic__carter's Spaces on legal tender:

El Salvador govt will have a govt-wallet for merchants (but it won't be the only choice), as Bitcoin is an open network

RT @DocumentingBTC
is now officially legal tender in El Salvador. 🇸🇻

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