@yigithan Hodlers don’t sell their bitcoin unless they have fun staying poor. Therefore, the corporate players will be fighting over only 62.5 new bitcoin per hour, driving the price to insane heights.

Do you think there will be times that we will not talk BTC prices because dollar will be very worthless to measure bitcoin's value ?

@yigithan A lot of that traffic will be automated, micro transactions that lubricate all commercial interactions in future cyberspace. Advertising will be a bygone relic (good riddance) as micro transactions facilitate consumption of digital goods and services.

Guys, isn't it interesting and legendary:

There are no bitcoin commercials but it is the most popular topic.


@yigithan I think it’s most useful to view it as a software stack. Bitcoin will be so valuable and movements in it so expensive, that only very large bank-like entities will regularly transact on the base layer. Most day to day uses will occur with tiny fractions of bitcoin zipping around as millions of transactions per second over the lightning network.

The institutions are coming and they are being whales now, so bitcoin is getting centralized.

Will this cause any problem guys ?

What do you think ?

@yigithan bitcoin will replace all the national currency and precious metals leading humanity in a condition of permanent and enduring peace.

Is this enough? 🙂

An important question going through my mind for days;



Will bitcoin be a payment system or commodity ?

What do you think ?

Let me know in the comments... :)

Do you guys know about blockchain domains ?

Made some investments for web3 .0 in early stages, anyone wants to get involved in future web, lets talk

Hi everyone,

I am selling the ethereumblockchain.com domain, anyone interested.


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