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Probably I need to unable Crossposts between twitter and Mastadon back

Twitter is fucking censorship political platform

Haven’t been here for a while and the feed is everything from twitter 😁Is there someone still here ?

@waxwing i tried to reach out to you on irc but couldn’t. I am trying to install joinmarket on my Mac. I changed config file in bitcoin core (windows machine). Paste all info into joinmarket config on Mac. And when opening terminal on Mac after source jmvenv/bin/activate command it can’t find directory when I paste cd scripts ! Thanks

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🤬 @getongab please can you stop spamming my email with your promotions?! I turned off notifications and unsubscribed but you’re still spamming me!!!

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This is really a trash! I already pinged support and their CEO directly on gab but 0 response and they keep spamming me af everyday ! Who knows how I can stop this nonsense ? 🤬

Not your keys, not your coins! Don’t store your on any third party platforms!
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@CharlieShrem @TimerOlde It's still a beast, and now it will be doing some of its beastly things under the name of Bitcoin. Can't stop it, but as with your tweet above I'm not cheering for it either. Will need to educate newbies that bitcoin on a CashApp or PayPal ledger is very different from Bitcoin.

Interesting stuff! In fact, Satoshi did what Hal suggested in 1992 and it worked !

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1992 Cypherpunks have already talked about the Electronic Cash 🧐 Meanwhile, in 2020 noobs still can’t get 😬

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Millennials are taking back their future from the Boomers who robbed them.

Follow Mr. FF2K! He is one of the best dudes here 😉
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When I cross 4000 followers, I’m taking 40 million sats out of existence to celebrate .

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