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I'm really bullish on decentralized messaging over Lightning, but want to be realistic about the challenges. It was great speaking with @JohnCantrell97 to dive into Juggernaut and explore the potential here and the difficulties .

You know what to do ! as much as you can ! Within 14 years there will remain ONLY 1% of bitcoins to mine ! 🐂

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- Chirp! Chirp chirp!
- Wassup, Bird?
- Vol.3 of Citadel21 arrived!
- Hell yes!

*elephant’s trumpet*

- Oh hey, Elephant! Sup?
- Didn’t you hear? Go like ⚡️ to, the zoo is reading vol.3! 🎺

Love it 😎
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@meeDamian We did the prototype a double pcb with potting while back. Will see if I can make it economically viable for next year.

Drop dirty fiat and buy !!
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Ten years ago, one Lebanese lira was worth 0.67 bitcoin.

Today it's worth 2 satoshis.

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Power Armor is finally here!
We're excited to launch our latest product!

The Power Armor provides protection for your ColdPower device and a 9V battery while maintaining a cypherpunk aesthetic. Did we mention it can store an OpenDime, too?

There are people who still don’t understand that wasn’t created to cash in and then cash out ! If you still don’t understand it, then you don’t get why it was created and what its value is!

Have a great weekend everyone 🤓Don’t drink too much 🤪

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