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Current lineup of stuff available.
Stickers are vinyl laminated water & UV resistant
Made & handled discreetly by a space cheetah •.•
DM for more info if interested twitter.com/swedetoshi/status/

@flexbit each person is different due to the culture in which he is growing!

The network has been functional for 99.9858319505 %
of the time since its inception on Jan 3 2009 02:54:25 GMT

Back in the days you could get 5 through the faucet for free. Now, you still can get a lot of free or even 1 using @fold_app

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Btw. finally I bought 1 TB SSD to run a full node🦾 Good deal 50% off plus cashback in
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@yegorpetr0v Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB 2.5 Inch... amazon.com/dp/B078DPCY3T?ref=p

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Stacking dips 🤌 Can’t wait to get @fold_app debit card 🥺

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If you have one of these vinyl laminated waterproof/UV resistant stickers, congrats! I am no longer making any of in these series. Many are much less than 45 total made 👀
I'll post the current lineup of production tomorrow.
Thank You & Cheers 🍻

I don’t give a flying fuck what is price ! When I have a I’m dumping it instantly! is the future!

Let’s do comeback where it belongs to be 🤌

@htimsxela lol I’m very happy when I’m stacking. So, my point was if you are not stacking you are gay lmao

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Worried about hardware wallet ban? Check this out!

Specter-DIY monster release!

- Secure bootloader for airgapped updates
- Smartcard (secure element) support
- SD card encrypted storage of secret support
- Additional user control over entropy generation twitter.com/stepansnigirev/sta

Hey @PeterSchiff can you tweet that is going to 0 ?! Thank you 🤣

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