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Current lineup of stuff available.
Stickers are vinyl laminated water & UV resistant
Made & handled discreetly by a space cheetah •.•
DM for more info if interested twitter.com/swedetoshi/status/

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of the time since its inception on Jan 3 2009 02:54:25 GMT

Stacking dips 🤌 Can’t wait to get @fold_app debit card 🥺

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If you have one of these vinyl laminated waterproof/UV resistant stickers, congrats! I am no longer making any of in these series. Many are much less than 45 total made 👀
I'll post the current lineup of production tomorrow.
Thank You & Cheers 🍻

Maradona was an example for me and my team! Our high school was the city champion 3 times in a row and I was the forward hehe It was a sweat time 🙃 RIP 🙏

I have them 😇
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I made about 80 vinyl laminated waterproof/UV resistant stickers yesterday. Some were the final prints to be made too. If I have shipped you stickers before from a series that is not seen below, then you have very limited ones •.•

Congrats @wlrvs and @fold_app 🤌😅
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@wlrvs You need to be on the cover of @thetimes yesterday @wlrvs

I just want to say, we made it Fam 🧡This is just the beginning 😉

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