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Alright @dandarkpill nice to see you here! I though you gone forever lol

Making progress on the ASIC enclosure. Hoping to get this all hooked up by this weekend.

I guess there is no sense to cross post from twitter to here or vice versa

RT @cryptograffiti
One of the 12 @BTCvsFED billboards still needs a message

What would u say re: our current financial system or as an alternative?

If chosen, urs will soon go up in a working class Bay Area hood + u get 500K sats

Chosen in 24hrs. Tag @BTCvsFED & see thread for inspo...

Bitcoin hackers feed is what I love to see👍🤗

It seems like attack on @torproject impacts lightning network too 🤔

Who is running your own servers, how much does it cost?

RT @mempoolspace
After a year of hard work, we've just shipped Mempool v2 for Raspberry Pi devices. Thanks everyone for your support, now everyone will be able to self-host at home, as soon as your favorite RPI distro upgrades to using mempool v2 🚀

After about 24h it looks to me like v3 onions are back up. We live to fight another day, albeit on *very* borrowed time.

Somehow world feels like it's going crazy all of a sudden. American political madness ratcheted up big time, Tor getting nuked, Bitcoin market going insane both directions, and our cozy little Mastodon forum blowing up as well :)

Hey Wall Street nice try but you will not get our 🖕 So, go suck your dicks 👊

Thanks again for the weak hands who sold ! I took them off the market into my cold storage🙌

You may have landed here via a billboard in your community

The goal of this project is to bring Bitcoin awareness to those who can benefit most - avg citizens, not Wall St

Follow to learn about and why it's better than endless money printing and stimulus check hopes

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