Bitcoin haters don't hate Bitcoin, they hate being wrong.

Nocoiner: So, what are you going to buy when a bitcoin is worth millions?

Myself: The dip


Running the Bitcoin numbers

08:22:06 (UTC)

"blocks": 671392,
"difficulty": 21724134900047.27,
"networkhashps": 1.609246387045639e+20,
"pooledtx": 62814,
"chain": "main",
"warnings": ""

160 EH/s are securing a distributed network that records information that worths > $ 1 trillion.

The first trillion is like the genesis block but in financial terms.

Value and markets are information.

Bitcoin is a thermodynamically-guaranteed protocol of communication and protection of information.

$ 50,000 is going to be more of an accelerator for the price than a resistance.


US Federal Government debt.
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$27.9 trillion

Bitcoin Market Capitalization.

$0.90 trillion

Bitcoin is the most secure monetary system. The value of bitcoin has no upper limit, therefore there is no limit to the amount of energy that can be allocated to produce the total computing power dedicated to securing the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin can contribute to decentralize energy generation, and its markets, Bitcoin mining can subsidize energy producers by providing a means to consume non-consumed energy due to lack of local demand, this energy can ensure the Bitcoin network while it is consumed on-site.

'Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.' -John Keats

Bitcoin is best demonstrated and experienced than explained.

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