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Age of client-side-validation has begun.

payment flow on testnet with @mycitadel_io wallet - and corresponding tx on-chain blockstream.info/testnet/tx/1f

We made this!

Credits: @lnp_bp LNP/BP Association funded by @bitfinex @FulgurVentures @pandoracoreag

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We invite you to join Blockstream Core Tech Engineer @rusty_twit for a live walkthrough of our implementation tomorrow at 20:30 UTC (3:30 PM EST!). ⚡️🧑‍🏫 blockstream.clickmeeting.com/g

@orionwl @verretor @gvs it's a 14 by 5 keys with 7 mm square keys, above: a D-pad and a trackball. the whole thing fit in 100 by 80 mm. ctrl, alt, shift, rctrl, altgr and rshift are triggers behind the keyboard.

we all have the same idea of it.

@gvs @orionwl @verretor the problem with ubuntu touch is that it run a virtual android to access hardware through android closed device drivers.

@orionwl @verretor me when i saw this tenth second console log before logo splash at shutdown

@verretor @orionwl it worked before the last update. the phone has bugs, but you know, linux "bugs", feels like linux in 00's ;)

@verretor @orionwl yes. the 4g/lte driver is being opensourced, last update broke my 4g but kept the phone. i see the operator name like an android ;)

@orionwl @jon @guimerges ```This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "wayland" in "".
Available platform plugins are: xcb.
Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
Aborted (core dumped)```

Bitcoin haters have lost the plot, now it’s just embarrassing.

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