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Age of client-side-validation has begun.

payment flow on testnet with @mycitadel_io wallet - and corresponding tx on-chain

We made this!

Credits: @lnp_bp LNP/BP Association funded by @bitfinex @FulgurVentures @pandoracoreag

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We invite you to join Blockstream Core Tech Engineer @rusty_twit for a live walkthrough of our implementation tomorrow at 20:30 UTC (3:30 PM EST!). ⚡️🧑‍🏫

Bitcoin haters have lost the plot, now it’s just embarrassing.

shut off the high volume of daily github email notifications in favor of this new terminal tool, let's see how it goes. thanks @orionwl!

in meatspace, if i say i want an end to governments, is it legal?

once, at 4 am, i was discussing with @pete
he explained to me how to redo ethereum. at that time i thought it was utter bullshit.
years later, i'm studying RGB and the LNP/BP stack. and i now understand what he said, and also what he wrote about consensus extension.

ledger is a great hardware wallet and the leak is a proof-of-no-opsec about you.

i'm shocked.
testnet has a green color logo
signet has the original orange


Use the chain <chain> (default: main).
Allowed values: main, test, signet, regtest

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