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class of 2021 is crying
class of 2017 is understanding
class of 2013 is eating 🍿

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Age of client-side-validation has begun.

payment flow on testnet with @mycitadel_io wallet - and corresponding tx on-chain

We made this!

Credits: @lnp_bp LNP/BP Association funded by @bitfinex @FulgurVentures @pandoracoreag

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@dr_orlovsky @giacomozucco @Trigger_jw @OlUkolova @wasthatawolf @SatoshisGames @elixirlapp @bradmillscan @lightnitegame @BVBTC @Liquid_BTC @FulgurVentures

We invite you to join Blockstream Core Tech Engineer @rusty_twit for a live walkthrough of our implementation tomorrow at 20:30 UTC (3:30 PM EST!). ⚡️🧑‍🏫

shut off the high volume of daily github email notifications in favor of this new terminal tool, let's see how it goes. thanks @orionwl!

in meatspace, if i say i want an end to governments, is it legal?

once, at 4 am, i was discussing with @pete
he explained to me how to redo ethereum. at that time i thought it was utter bullshit.
years later, i'm studying RGB and the LNP/BP stack. and i now understand what he said, and also what he wrote about consensus extension.

ledger is a great hardware wallet and the leak is a proof-of-no-opsec about you.

i'm shocked.
testnet has a green color logo
signet has the original orange


Use the chain <chain> (default: main).
Allowed values: main, test, signet, regtest

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