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2018-10-29T21:07:19.436772 UTC
Top 10 LocalBitcoins last 24hr
RUB 318.455778
VES 129.851063
USD 127.133454
GBP 81.709797
CNY 76.289610
NGN 57.624004
EUR 41.815607
AUD 36.408407
COP 35.605260
INR 29.544356
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oh god, Maduro is really pushing that Petro shitcoin on us. According to him, will be live August 20th.

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Introducing changes to Venezuelan currency. Removes 5 zeros. So now, the 100,000 bill (highest denomination before the change) is worthless.

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Let's suppose this instance owns on average ~10 BTC per user (allowing for whales): That means we already HODL more Bitcoin than Bitmain.

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I live in an area of the US where a majority of the people work for the government either directly or on a contract. When they tell me what they do all day and then tell me how much they make the 2 don’t add up. The guy whose only job at social security is to order new chairs if someone needs one should not make 85,000 a year. This is one reason bitcoin interests me. Something is off and not enough people see it.

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