Just finished up a great conversation with Stephan, Kevin and Nathaniel discussing this week's news!

-The Unflippening
-Institutional Investor Stage


Just finished a great episode of Deciphered where we spoke with Tankred Hase from Lightning Labs about the latest release of their wallet software!

Catch an all new episode of Perspective today @ 3pm PT, 6pm ET where we will be discussing privacy tech with Aaron van Wirdum only on cryptocast.network!

Just finished a great show talking about this week's news with @francispouliot_ @stephanlivera and @Ragnarly! Hope you enjoy :)

Extremely excited to announce a brand new podcast on the Crypto Cast Network called Bitcoin Matters hosted by the one and only @Beautyon_ !

Listen to the very 1st episode now: Episode #1 Hyperbitcoinization

ICYMI: I've launched the ProgrammingWithBitcoin.com workshop where we teach C# devs how to work with

And I've launched CryptoCast.Network a community supported YT channel covering bitcoin & crypto

Don't miss an all new episode of Perspective tonight at 8pm PT 11pm ET for our discussion with Nik Bhatia (@timevalueofbtc) about his articles on Earning Interest on 's !

Just had a great discussion with @jimmysong about sound money, and why you can't shortcut trust!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Catch an all new episode of Deciphered this morning at 10am PT 1pm ET where we'll be talking with @Chris_Stewart_5 about his company @SuredBits and how they are creating monetizable apis with the and .

Just had a great News Show where we discuss the SEC decisions, China crack downs and Privacy in crypto, hope you enjoy!

Catch an all new episode of our new show Perspective in just a couple hours at 8pm PST 11pm EST where we'll be discussing in the Media with @nic__carter and talk a little more about Nic's latest medium articles!

Catch the very 1st episode of our all new show, Perspective with @jfnewbery today at 10am PST 1pm EST!
And then catch our 2nd episode with @nic__carter later this evening at 8pm PST 11pm EST!

Catch back 2 back episodes tomorrow of our all new show called Perspective where we interview writers in the space to talk more about their latest articles, only on cryptocast.network!

Perspective with @jfnewbery at 10am PST 12pm EST
Perspective with @nic__carter at 8pm PST 1pm EST

Just got done with a great show talking Trade wars and Taproot with an amazing panel!

Catch an all new episode of Deciphered this evening at 6pm PST 9pm EST where we'll be talking with Jack Mallers from the Zap wallet about the and what he's been up to in the space!

Catch an all new episode of Deciphered in just a few hours at 11am PST 2pm EST where we'll be talking with @fulmolightning about and what they are up to in the space!

Catch an all new episode of Deciphered in just a couple hours at 8am PST 11am EST where will be talking about @BtcpayServer with @NicolasDorier and @r0ckstardev!

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