Catch an all new episode of Deciphered in just a few hours at 11am PST 2pm EST where we'll be talking with @fulmolightning about and what they are up to in the space!

@vortex your shows are top shelf sir. Thank you for taking the time to help educate and inform. Priceless

@meehow Trying my best to give a voice to those actually building in the community! :)

@vortex I can't thank you and people like you enough. Im going to take advantage of this convo a little, how can a non coder like myself (visual developer/designer) help out? UI/web/mobile/print

@meehow Bitcoin really needs everything at this point, not just programmers. Designers and mobile especially. The best way is to look for interesting open source projects and just start helping out with the work load.

As I said bitcoin needs everyone, so just do what you are passionate about, do what you love, but do it with bitcoin :)

@vortex I will reach out to the ones I know. Do you have any suggestions?

@meehow There are alot of great projects out there, you have to find one that strikes you as valuable and where your beliefs are aligned, where you will be excited in the morning to wake up and continue the work. Only you can find that :)

@vortex damn vortex 🙇‍♂️ I know exactly what to do.

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