just turned on local news for 5 minutes and they immediately jumped into a "Secret codes teens use while texting" segment.

no points for figuring out what "53X" stands for...

Had a great time talking with @maxkeiser on @KeiserReport!

-Bitcoin history
-Bitcoin value proposition
-Bitcoin black hole
-Bitcoin layers
-Bitcoin security


If only people could extrapolate what is coming for bitcoin. The privacy tech and scaling tech coming online in the next few years is going to blow people away.

I don't want to build on your platform, build on my platform

I don't want to use your money, use my money

I don't want to enrich you, enrich me

The story of this industry

This bear market is sure creating some major haters. Don't let their negativity affect you, in the end it's always your choice. Build. Hodl. Love.


What if I told you...LN has millisatoshis? 😱😱😱

I'll be wearing my "Ethereum is a security" t-shirt at hoshocon today, should be fun triggering some people :)

I'm pretty sure @nic is 90% of bitcoinhackers.org traffic.

Just finished up a great conversation with Stephan, Kevin and Nathaniel discussing this week's news!

-The Unflippening
-Institutional Investor Stage


Just finished a great episode of Deciphered where we spoke with Tankred Hase from Lightning Labs about the latest release of their wallet software!

Catch an all new episode of Perspective today @ 3pm PT, 6pm ET where we will be discussing privacy tech with Aaron van Wirdum only on cryptocast.network!

Just finished a great show talking about this week's news with @francispouliot_ @stephanlivera and @Ragnarly! Hope you enjoy :)

SLP19 - The Bitcoin Ecosystem with @vortex

In an episode targeted for bitcoin newbies, we discuss:
- Bitcoin's ecosystem
- The role of bitcoin nodes
- Bitcoin development
- Cryptocast network
- Programming with Bitcoin


Extremely excited to announce a brand new podcast on the Crypto Cast Network called Bitcoin Matters hosted by the one and only @Beautyon_ !

Listen to the very 1st episode now: Episode #1 Hyperbitcoinization

@bottomshelfbtc @vortex -has Vortex always been so high energy and positive? He is such a wealth of knowledge and fun to listen to🙂....my day job is folding laundry and maintaining household @homeDad & I listen to many podcasts while I work😁

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