January 21st update, as my new guitar effect pedals haven't arrived yet:

1. @jackeveritt – 100.001 sats

2. @XBT – 60.000 sats

3. @BTCparadigm – 51.000 sats

4. @ciprian – 50.001 sats

5. @SanakTony – 50.000 sats

6. @jeremy – 42069 sats

7. @kristapsk – 21.000 sats

8. @djbooth007 – 21.021 sats

9. @pete – 20.000 sats

10. @criptobastardo – 15.000 sats

11. @javier – 11.001 sats

12. @bitcoinization – 11.000 sats

13. @alyssa – 10.000 sats

I only have 10 spots for the highest bidders.

@djbooth007 @pete @kristapsk @vladcostea @jackeveritt @XBT @BTCparadigm @ciprian @SanakTony @jeremy @criptobastardo @javier @bitcoinization @alyssa yo Vlad, 100k sats for dj plz. Thanks!

Hard choice but dj made a lot of underappreciated stuff including tallycoin. Love the rest on the list still.

@exitcalmly @pete @kristapsk @vladcostea @jackeveritt @XBT @BTCparadigm @ciprian @SanakTony @jeremy @criptobastardo @javier @bitcoinization @alyssa wow thank you! Haha. If Vlad accepts, I’ll post a dance/house remix of his performance. How about that?

@vladcostea @jackeveritt @BTCparadigm @ciprian @SanakTony @jeremy @kristapsk @djbooth007 @pete @criptobastardo @javier @bitcoinization @alyssa
Dude, you'll raise more Sats than EOS because your guitar effect pedals order won't arrive before 2030.

@XBT It's only been 2 weeks and the supply chains seem to suck during this pandemic 😂

Everything is also overpriced, but I presume inflation also plays its role here.

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