Here's a Bitcoin Mastodon experiment:

I'm planning to write and record a new music album, and this time around I want every song to be about one bitcoiner.

So if you'd like to be the subject of one of the 10 songs, start bidding in satoshis.

I'll write and record a song about the 10 highest bidders, and then you can use it for whatever you like. You get an mp3 file, a WAV, and optionally a music video for extra swag.

The offer is only available for bitcoiners on this server.

@vladcostea alright, I'm definitely putting 1 satoshi down for this.

Now someone outbid me. 😂

@pete @vladcostea 1000 satoshis if I have right, but no obligation, to record some guitar parts myself (only if I like the song).

@vladcostea @pete I'm more like a rhytm guitar person myself, but for such special song I could figure out some cool rocking solo! :)

@kristapsk @pete Okay, I can do the backbone with drums and bass, leave you the freedom to come up with a riff or chord strumming part, and then we figure out how to embellish it.

The main point is to create something that makes you feel both happy and proud, so that you'd use it for other purposes... you know, like your WWE entrance music for whenever you choose a different career path.

@kristapsk @vladcostea 2000 sats, but I want the end of the song to have a blatant rip off of John Cage's 4'33.

@vladcostea 4 sats. Let’s go exponentially so as to not take forever.

@vladcostea I'm in, but I'd like to play myself in that song rather than the song being "about me".

@ibz You're limiting my creative process a lot here 😂

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