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Unpopular opinion: instead of simping to the Zuck and Tim Apple to buy some bitcoins, we should be focusing on the billions of people who need it and have no idea how it works.


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Here's the song that I wrote for Wasabi Wallet. I could have done better with the vocal production, but I got sick of listening to it over and over and released it like this: youtu.be/hEY74kXgavA

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Everyone please send me an e-mail at bitcointakeover [at] protonmail [dot] com or DM me here to let me know what kind of song you want.

If you want vocals, please also add lyrics or words you want me to include.

Example for Bisq: "Private by default, secure by design, and free as in freedom."

If you want an instrumental track, tell me about the mood.

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February 11th update: my guitar pedals have arrived and I've already recorded a song for the Wasabi Wallet podcast which airs its first episode this Sunday (you'll get a preview later).

I plan to record a new song every week and polish it until we're all happy. Also, I'm extra jolly since my birthday is in 2 weeks so I'll write songs for all 13 of you.

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January 30th update. Got an e-mail that the pedal delivery is on the way 🚀

Also adjusted bids to the superior bits.

1. @djbooth007 & @exitcalmly – 1200 bits

2. @jackeveritt – 1000 bits

3. @XBT – 600 bits

4. @BTCparadigm – 510 bits

5. @ciprian – 500,01 bits

6. @SanakTony – 500 bits

7. @jeremy – 420,69 bits

8. 11. @criptobastardo – 220 bits

9. @javier – 210 bits

10. @kristapsk – 210 bits

11. @pete – 209,99 bits

12. @bitcoinization – 110 bits

13. @alyssa – 100 bits

I tried to post this new article of mine on , but they automatically reject content.

How do I get to them and possibly convince them to delete and purchase some honest proof of work money?


Check out my latest article and video, "4 Billfodl Privacy Tricks for Safer BIP 39 Backups".

You can also do these with any paper wallets, but it's just cooler to hold a piece of metal and deal with stainless steel tiles.


Hey @pete, I just wanted to show you the pedal chain which I used for a recording last night. How do I register these bad boys on the blockchain of your guitar pedal-based currency? 🤪

4 of these bad boys are clones of very expensive analog gear that I can't afford, the other 2 are digital originals.

January 26th update. Still no guitar pedal delivery, but there's a new top 10 of people who get songs:

1. @djbooth007 & @exitcalmly – 120.000 sats

2. @jackeveritt – 100.001 sats

3. @XBT – 60.000 sats

4. @BTCparadigm – 51.000 sats

5. @ciprian – 50.001 sats

6. @SanakTony – 50.000 sats

7. @jeremy – 42.069 sats

8. 11. @criptobastardo – 22.000 sats

9. @kristapsk – 21.000 sats

10. @javier – 21.001 sats

11. @pete – 20.999 sats

12. @bitcoinization – 11.000 sats

13. @alyssa – 10.000 sats

January 23rd update. As soon as my guitar fx arrive, I'll record songs for/about the top 10 bidders:

1. @jackeveritt – 100.001 sats

2. @djbooth007 & @exitcalmly – 100.000 sats

3. @XBT – 60.000 sats

4. @BTCparadigm – 51.000 sats

5. @ciprian – 50.001 sats

6. @SanakTony – 50.000 sats

7. @jeremy – 42.069 sats

8. @kristapsk – 21.000 sats

9. @javier – 21.001 sats

10. @pete – 20.999 sats

11. @criptobastardo – 15.000 sats

12. @bitcoinization – 11.000 sats

13. @alyssa – 10.000 sats

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Dude, you'll raise more Sats than EOS because your guitar effect pedals order won't arrive before 2030.

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