Edge computing is a topic that isn’t getting enough coverage, so we looked at underappreciated @fastly $FSLY. We run through a few customer case studies, discuss major risks that the company might face and why they trade at a discount to other SaaS co's like $NET & $ESTC.

⚡ Rapidly purged caching and other edge topics
📊 A comparison with other CDNs
🍰 Risks, financials & growth trajectory

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Financial Services APIs and Silvergate Capital

On this episode, we analyze recent tech IPO $SI - Silvergate Capital. We discuss their digital currency initiative and exchange network, and finish up with our thoughts on what it means to be "API-first."

📊 Digital Currency Initiative & SEN
🤢 Unimpressive “API-first” offering
⚡ What we’d like to see in Fintech APIs

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Lots of interest in custom semis today. $BTC highlights the importance of ASICs. As we move up the application layer stack, ML/AI chips become necessary for particular apps.
On this episode we look at $CAN, $NVDA, $AMD in the context of where chip mfgs will see future growth in.

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A Tale of New Digital Primitives with Ben DiFrancesco

This episode was a lot of fun. I spoke with Ben DiFrancesco on Bitcoin’s & Ethereum's respective philosophies (and how the protocols can work together), polarization in the space, how developers can use digital scarcity primitives, other things that excite him about crypto.

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Dr. Ed Felten and Offchain Labs: Second Layer Solutions for Smart Contracts

🍰 Arbitrum and its AnyTrust guarantee
⚖️ Technology and public policy
⛰️ Optimistic technologies ahead

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We spoke with Andreas Antonopoulos, board member at the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4), known as C4. C4 will be hosting the Blockchain Training Conference in Denver at the end of August.

We learn about the conference, how Andreas thinks about blockchain teaching pedagogy, and the certifications that C4 is offering now: the Bitcoin Professional (or CBP) certification and the Security Standard (or CCSS) certification.

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🛎️ New Podcast Episode #34 🛎️
Crypto SaaS Spotlight: Santiago Roel Santos from EON & Staking as a Service
🔩 of PoS
🧠 Managing technical/ux considerations w/ staking on behalf of others
🧮 EON's StaaS biz model

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cr
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Super thankful to Andreas for being on our podcast. He's been an amazing ambassador for cryptocurrency. Lots of interesting topics here: surprises since publishing The Internet of Money, fighting against oppressive regimes, how 2nd layer solutions are playing out & more. Enjoy!

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🔥 New Podcast Episode #31 🔥

Crypto SaaS Spotlight: TokenTax’s Zac McClure & All About Taxes

🧾 All things crypto taxes
🌊 Wash sales, tax loss harvesting & forks
🧮 Taking charge of your own crypto finances

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On this episode, we talk about two white-hat security researchers who discover multiple vulnerabilities in a vendor’s software system. The vendor initially ignores their concerns until the FBI gets involved. It culminates in a physical attack by the vendor’s COO on one of the researchers.

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🔥 New Podcast Episode #29 🔥

NVIDIA’s Pre-announces Datacenter Weakness, Huawei & Political Risk, & Bitcoin’s Predecessors

📉 $NVDA sees weakness at the datacenter
🌎 Huawei + political-market risk
📜 $BTC ‘s predecessors

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🔥 New Podcast Episode #28 🔥

DevOps and GitHub Opening Up Private Repos

🐙 GitHub offers free private repos
🏠 DevOps serving as your foundation
🧰 DevOps toolboxes that can save teams time and money

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🔥 New Podcast Episode #27
Whose Fault Is It Anyways?: On Writing Illegal Smart Contracts

👩‍⚖️ CFTC's jurisdiction & financial products

👨‍💻 Developer fiduciary duties & smart contracts

💩 Who’s liable for 💩 code?

iTunes: apple.co/2FrikiG
Spotify: spoti.fi/2RMJ5nw
Stitcher: bit.ly/2RSrbA0 
Libsyn: bit.ly/2QNCjcw

🔥 New Podcast Episode #24 🔥

- 🔫 $BTC & The Attack of the Attack Vectors
- 🥧 51% Attack on Vertcoin ($VTC)
- 🥀 ASIC Resistance is Ded
- 🕵️ Social Engineering Attack on ETCDEV ($ETC) and npm Libraries

iTunes: apple.co/2RERAO4

Libsyn: bit.ly/2rlUCvf

Spotify: spoti.fi/2EkvkGm

Stitcher: bit.ly/2E5rQ9C

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🔥 New Podcast Episode #23 🔥

- 👻 Semi stocks spook tech market
- 🤮 $NVDA blames “crypto hangover”
- 〰️ Big investors like JAG Capital get market cycles wrong
- 📰 A crypto @nytimes article by @nathanielpopper 😕

iTunes: apple.co/2PckXVZ
Google Play: bit.ly/2RolhTr
Spotify: spoti.fi/2QppzwR
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Libsyn: bit.ly/2KIDd8L

🔥 New Podcast Episode #23 🔥

- 👻 Semi stocks spook tech market
- 🤮 $NVDA blames “crypto hangover”
- 〰️ Big investors like JAG Capital get market cycles wrong
- 📰 A crypto @nytimes article by @nathanielpopper 😕

iTunes: apple.co/2PckXVZ
Google Play: bit.ly/2RolhTr
Spotify: spoti.fi/2QppzwR
Stitcher: bit.ly/2E4CMp5
Libsyn: bit.ly/2KIDd8L

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