@crunklord420 @wowaname It is worse than they make it seem. As you said, they set a precedent. Who knows what they'll do next?

@crunklord420 @wowaname Tusky doesn't completely ban Gab. It won't let you log in to their instance though.

@fdroidorg I came to Mastodon for freedom of speech. I will judge by myself who is worthy of reading or not.

@[email protected] I never liked Gab but having more people in the fediverse is good.

Now that Gab has its own Mastodon instance, I see moves to ban it everywhere. I'm not a fan of Gab but censorship isn't helping.

EDIT: Central banks are sick of destroying the world economy alone.

As usual, 1 sat/byte fee should do but use replace by fee just in case.

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