What are some instances that I can recommend to non-bitcoiners?

@verretor The devs’ original instance is mastodon.social.

@shawnyeager Yes, but I won't recommend it. That's where we were at the beginning and we were not welcome there.

@shawnyeager @verretor But they censor reasonable people including all Catholics

@verretor @shawnyeager That's not how membership in the Catholic Church works.

Baptism makes you a member, but you cannot be debaptized, and can leave the Church simply by denying any of its teachings.

(Not that I endorse leaving the Church for a social network or any other reason - membership in the Church is required for salvation)

@shawnyeager @verretor There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. That is the only place you can find it.

@fixcrypt @shawnyeager @verretor Who knows. Maybe they don't. But in principle I would never recommend such a server that has such an intent.

@lukedashjr @shawnyeager @verretor How do you know they're banning specifically Catholics and not just idiots? There may be an overlap you aren't accounting for there.
@lukedashjr @shawnyeager @verretor How? Is there literally a rule that says "No C*tholics" or are you just making stuff up?

@Root @shawnyeager @verretor "No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, casteism"

While there may technically be interpretations of this compatible with Catholicism, such interpretations are rare in practice when interpreted by the person making such a rule.

@Root @shawnyeager @verretor And if the admin wanted to use such a Catholicism-compatible interpretation, one would reasonably expect the rules to explicitly say "It's okay to be against homosexuality, and to say transsexualism is delusional." to avoid excessive mis-reports from their users.

@Root @shawnyeager @verretor (And just in case you are unaware: Catholics MUST condemn homosexuality. To do otherwise would be to cease to be Catholic.)

@lukedashjr @shawnyeager @verretor so Catholics are unable to express their faith *without* sperging about the gays? Sounds like you have bigger issues dude.
@lukedashjr @shawnyeager @verretor so they don't ban catholics for being catholic then and you were mad for no reason.

@verretor don’t know any. Haven’t ventured out that far. There is a wide range though. I’ve seen that most instances are less than 500 users though.

@verretor @mtc Looks like they hate free speech

" intolerant...behaviour may lead to moderation and/or further measures. We have a zero tolerance approach to racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia."

@lukedashjr @verretor That settles that then! Bring your normies here, Ben! We'll show them the way 😜

@mtc @lukedashjr Would be better if they had an instance that fits their personalities.

@mtc @verretor Those rules only allow far-left liberal extremists, NOT normies.

@verretor new to all of this...so this question may be stupid: why not scale this one? how much does it cost to run at current cap?

@johncosack I think it's a good idea to try to get people on as many instances as possible.

@johncosack @verretor Doesn't really make sense to have non-bitcoiners on bitcoinhackers.org

@yojoe @verretor They force your toots to be under a CC license? O.o

Can't find ToS anywhere :/

@vbhide That makes two people who recommend it. Thank you. Probably good.

@verretor brighteon.social looked good for conservatives

@verretor I found rayn.bo, freedomofpress.rocks, justicewarrior.social, and freespeech.firedragonstudios.com

@lukedashjr Little late to the party here but.. Honestly I really haven't got any :shrug: Don't break US law I suppose :shrug: I've never really expected the instance to grow. It's just here for my entertainment

@verretor sous question pour les francophones: est-ce que vous connaissez une bonne instance accueillante pour les conservateurs ? Quelqu'un que je connais m'a posé la question et j'avoue que j'ai séché

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