@verretor Tell them we will storm the Capitol if they succeed in taking us down

@verretor Hahaha, that's to funny 😂

But nice! Looks like we can get the twitter experience easy, just hop over to other feds to enjoy takes outside of this echo-chamber

@czino @verretor So what does a user report from another instance do? Goes to nvk's inbox and he ignores it or Ben you're a mod?)? Does it possibly get our individual accounts or whole instance disconnected from their instance?

@bitcoinpasada @czino I'm a mod in theory but I never do anything. @TallTim does all the work.

@bitcoinpasada If you do, please don't troll too hard, instances can block other instances afaik 🙄

@bitcoinpasada @verretor trying to figure this out but I have seen users from other instances tooting here already

@bitcoinpasada @verretor when you search for todon.nl you find users from their instance and can see their toots there. Haven't found the federated timeline yet

@czino @bitcoinpasada I don't think you can see their local timeline. I don't think you should haha.

@bitcoinpasada @czino You can look up other users in the same way that you'd search for an email address.

[email protected]

@verretor time to pack it up and go home. Lefties are upset. Nice while it lasted fellas.

@verretor So Twitter isn't far enough left for them? Wow, must be a scary place.

@jgettbtc In theory, I could ban them but I never did. I actually never do anything about reports.


> "anti-authoritarian"

> Every authoritarian stance under the sun.

@verretor Certainly not me. I would never trigger anyone 😅

@verretor what was the reason for the report? I'd love to see their excuses

@maxmustermann @fluxdev @verretor @realcaseyrollins Ah, good old metokur videos. Shame about his cancer, I hope he beats it :blobnervous:

@realcaseyrollins @dermitbones @verretor
All I did was comment on a bloody post in the Federated timeline. What kind of weird satanic cult have we stumbled upon.

@dermitbones @realcaseyrollins @verretor
Makes one terrified about what we may discover in the stars.

I sincerely hope we're alone in the universe and that Darwin was right about these ghouls.

@verretor Since most Mastodon devs are quite leftist, it will be interesting to see this play out. They might blacklist servers they don't like and it will split the Mastodon world into 2. Good thing is in the longrun freedom always wins.

@bu5hm4nn Also, other software already exists (such as Pleroma) that's compatible with the Fediverse. Mastodon devs are not in charge.

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