@crunklord420 @verretor Is bitcoinhackers it full of libertarians? Do many federations silence them?

@crunklord420 @green Doesn't really matter if they silence us. They're the type of people we're running away from.

@verretor @crunklord420 @green

I think this is a really good point. I want all the Leftists to be forcibly exiled to Venezuela. They're just broken people. I don't hate them, but they will destroy any society of a first world type, so I need them away from me. Like mental patients, anal rapists, rabid dogs, herpetic piles of feces, infectious diseases, nematodes in stagnant water, and lawyers, they are simply a drain of energy, focus, time, and wealth that no one who is headed upwards should tolerate.

They can have Twitter. Just not here.
@verretor @crunklord420 @green

I think so. The divide has become permanent. There is nothing left but for us to overthrow our new Communist overlords and restore Western Civilization.

Then the boats go to Venezuela. No one gets murdered, no repression is needed. But we stop tolerating degeneracy, even the soft types.
@melmc @crunklord420 @green @verretor


It's an old joke from the original site. In lists we always throw in "and lawyers" or "and sodomy" to see if people are still paying attention.
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