Can people on Gab find accounts from I can't search for specific accounts from

@verretor Gab doesn't federate anymore. It's turned off. They just use the software.

@verretor @JTR21 Would be less work to deal with spam and what not.

@verretor Torba flip- flopped. First said it would be epic, TL:DR basically to own the Libs. Federation was basically broken from Gab.

Then he claimed the feature wasn't used by a majority of users so he turned it off. A lot of people were dunking on him, teasing him, asking questions. That played a role, I imagine.

I was there for that whole period.

@verretor I believe the gateways were closed between Gab and Mastodon instances soon after Gab forked Mastodon software.

@verretor i heard pretty much completely de-federated itself? (this is of course after most of mastodon did their very best to not allow them to federate in the first place).

Ah yeah, see "7. Goodbye Mastodon" on

@waxwing I think the best option would be to have a lot of small instances instead of a few big ones.

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