They're the people who make recommendations to governments concerning COVID-19 btw.

@verretor It is all green, so it must be ok. Why do you doubt science?

@stimzim I think it's because people complained that they weren't transparent with their predictions.

I tried to help them though but they copy/pasted my code instead of merging it.

@verretor it's been a huge joke, they had no intention of merging community contributions, or listening to feedback, software development practices like this is just a bad example

@stimzim And governments in the West make political decisions based on that very code.

@verretor scandalous, and they are still pumping hot air into it, ...

@verretor there is actually just 1k lines of code, remainder is mostly csv data from one single file, nothing extraordinarily with this review imho

@verretor I see... Real bad branching management or deliberated "self-attribution", either case it doesn't smell good :/

@verretor certainly looks like it's put on Github for sake of putting it on Github and not for review

@livestradamus They never replied / reviewed / merges my code. They copy/pasted some of it which is why they get 500k new lines in every pull request.

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