Immunity passports:
"Tackling COVID-19 digital trust challenges with blockchain"

Bill Gates also observed that: we will need “digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

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"TrustNet PK is already part of a global initiative called ‘COVID Credentials Initiative’ which is focused on fighting COVID-19 challenges using blockchain-based digital credentials solutions."

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"With a quick touchless scan of a QR code, that person can prove that he or she is virus-free or has been vaccinated"

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A hyperledger aries cloud-agent to issue or verify COVID-19 digital verifiable credentials

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@verretor ok this is becoming ridiculous, and I'm afraid we have to expect a lot more of this kind of shit.

@verretor this whole story becomes even more disgusting than what I was expecting. And my expectations were already very bad

@Sosthene I keep finding new stuff. I've been investigating for a while.

@verretor My understanding is since the coronavirus family tends to mutate, that any lasting immunity is difficult to obtain.
I guess this is just govts overextending their reach, yet again.

@TallTim Interestingly, if the virus mutates too fast, vaccines won't be useful.

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