@verretor King Bitcoin is sucking the air out of the room. There can be only one true store of value on the way to being a unit of account. The rest are meaningless.

@TallTim I have no hopes for any altcoin. I used to think Litecoin had potential but there's just no use to it.

@verretor I agree. I remember when they forked, they were about resisting ASICs. But they didn't, and it ended up being a tweaked coin for faster confirmation times that only token-launderers seemed to use before the other alts came along. LTC to me is about as useful as an appendix in the human body.

@TallTim I saw a future in it because of the drama concerning Segwit. I thought it would get Segwit before Bitcoin and I was right. But Bitcoin got Segwit now so Litecoin has nothing to offer.

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