I think we trend towards: hardware wallets are good for spending security; for cold storage it's equivalent to any other physical representation, i.e. if it's stolen the thief gets the money.
(Even encrypted paper wallets are like that, because if the encryption is not trivial to crack, you've just moved the wallet back one level to the password).

@waxwing One could assume that their wallet will be cracked eventually if someone has it physically. There may still be vulnerabilities that we don't know of.

@keymonkey @nvk has a good option with COLDCARD. Being able to easily wipe your wallet may be a better option than keeping a secret.

@keymonkey @nvk So, here's an easy way to implement it:
You create a passphrase. You encrypt it so that only you can decrypt it. You send your friends the encrypted version as a QR code image.

When you need to move your coins, they video chat with you and they send you the QR code.

@verretor thanks, that's a good idea, maybe when im really comfy with that... 12 english words is just so easy to Not mess up 😉

@verretor ya, it may be better, but i think, still not good, as you'd need to really be thinking clearly AND more importantly - as a strategy, it again would piss off attackers, which is Not what u want to do in that situation 😉

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