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1,976,724 accounts
+126 in the last hour
+2,379 in the last day
+17,619 in the last week

i love the smell of gunpowder early in the morning

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With so many Bitcoin wallets, how do you choose? offers an explanation of how to make the proper choice depending on your needs.

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1,912,293 accounts
+115 in the last hour
+3,200 in the last day
+38,955 in the last week

monday morning and no FUD ? whats up with this boring where the mainstream media ??

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R.I.P. Twitter, long live the ancient Elephant

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Being able to transfer value online is bigger than email. We might have to wait 10 years for the average joe to catch up.

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Tom Lee Says Bitcoin Price Has Potential of $22K by 2019 - On Todays 4 Minute Crypto

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Who is here because suckZ and the bear market is getting boring 😂

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I for one applaud Tone Vays' selfless sacrifice to appease the btc price gods

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1,649,216 accounts
+68 in the last hour
+1,890 in the last day
+14,880 in the last week

is still a thing ? 😂 ppl who missed the last train keep asking me, probably because they are going to miss the next one aswell

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Corporate censorship is rife this year. Anything 'They' don't like, is being taken down, hidden in search results, and banned. Decentralised, permissionless, trustless [ the last two don't even appear in dictionaries ] is what Bitcoin was built on.Because whoever Satoshi is/was, knew censorship would only get worse. And as we are now seeing, Big Brother is trying to control the narrative-that has been lost on mainstream poisoned media-by controlling the flow. Buy Btc and fight back, run a node.

$btcusd going up & down, if it doesn't matter for you and you are only here for the $ than countertrade me here: with up to 100x leverage and 10% fee discount!

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