Hey guys, I found a really neat client for android, however it is in japanese. It is very slick looking. Can anyone fork the project and do an english translation.

Please help.

I am trying to do this, but I know it has to be easier for someone who has done this before! 😞

@vaibhav I'd help but I know nothing about Japanese. Or coding. :(

@vaibhav @hanakookie @excellion note there is this weird profile link hard coded in the app which leads to gay anime porn profile. Must be the author! Lol..if we can kill that 👍

@vaibhav @excellion it’s open source so it can be removed. What’s a screen shot look like of the UI

@vaibhav @excellion i can match that. Maybe 2 million sats from me. Anyone else want to chip in on this bounty

@vaibhav @excellion do that’s just a matter of changing the ascii type front and input editor. What license does it have.

@hanakookie I have paid someone on fiverr to do this for $17. Lets hope it is worth it.

@vaibhav Cool find! I can’t help with translation but I’d be hugely supportive of forking this.

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