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The Bitcoin purge is good for the ecosystem. It’s a conviction test that scares away weak momentum traders and allows new entrants who have been waiting for a cheaper price. Long-term hodlers have been conditioned to buy the dip and those using a dollar cost average strategy will quickly absorb the discounted sats. It also discourages buying on highly leveraged margin. “We set the price floor. We give this value.” -Fight Club, probably

KEEP BITCOIN WEIRD! Sincere apologies to elonmusk CAPS_ODELL michael_saylor @RD_btc

It will be quite ironic if Oracle stores value in Bitcoin, and all the altcoins are replaced with Oracle databases

When you say the government will ban Bitcoin if it’s successful, all I hear is you will petition the State to try and confiscate my wealth when proven wrong.

It’s like the Robinhood generation just realized they’re the fish at the stock market poker table. They’re going to be looking further into alternative investments like crypto now. First they become meme shitcoiners (dogecoin), then figure out why they lost money, and then become bitcoiners.

Oh shit I forgot 1/4/21. Oh well, how quickly we forget...

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It’s amazing the USD is so devalued even some casino slot machines won’t accept $1 anymore. When do they drop the $5?

The Bitcoin is dead! Long live the Bitcoin!

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Why would regional banks push back?

They are beholden to share holders. There is zero profitability handing out high risk/zero yield loans. They will say: no more.

The Central Bank will bypass them and hand out those loans directly. 8/

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Started using now, If you are a Bitcoiner, please follow and retweet.
I will follow you all.

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