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@priceaction what kind of psycho would make that video edit?

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@ck_SNARKs Not likely since LRADs have been used in many US protests in the past 10 years. At least they haven't brought out an Active Denial System (ADS) yet.

I'm old enough to remember when the US regulated bitcoin in 2014-2018. And I'm supposed to worry now?

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@UTXHoe I still anonymously follow some accounts via Fritter, but I agree the signal has gone downhill. I knew the music company lawyers would eventually catch up because I like to edit silly bitcoin memes on top of music videos. If you haven't seen them...

@UTXHoe I started getting DMCA notices, but I'm also disgusted with its new leadership direction. Been on Mastodon since 2020 but 90% of the activity is still bot retweets from Twitter unfortunately.

@MoonCapital this guy has made a lot of predictions that haven't exactly panned out.

@farooq wow it seems like just yesterday they celebrated 1 million.

@imnuso it's asking to speak to the manager to make a silly complaint, but also probably has something to do with the hairstyle.

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let us celebrate the great migration with the song of our people

I'm so done with Twitter, and Gettr looks insecure as hell. Glad we still have this for now.

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I originally tried a really cheap VPS with spinning drives (and probably over subscribed) and that was a disaster.

My current VPS has 3GB of Ram and about 60GB of hard drive space similar to the 3GB model here:

I've found Racknerd to be an excellent provider with great pricing if you can snag one of these specials.

The only constraint is storage as Mastodon caches images and will fill the drive even with only me on the instance.

@lizard I’m curious, what kind of hardware and bandwidth would you recommend for spinning up a Mastodon instance on a VPS?

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