The eco-socialist statists need to cry harder so I can stack bitcoin cheaper. Imagine hating freedom money where all participants opted-in voluntarily. What does that say about them?

Learned so much in those 3.5 years. I can’t be the only one. Let’s go!

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Bought the Lambo when BTC was $18k. Just sold the Lambo to get back all-in at $36k. Feeling very lucky and won’t be making that mistake again 😂

I’d like to buy the “Collateral Damage” video released by Wikileaks as an NFT and see how my rights as the owner are enforced by the government.

Anyone remember when some Ethereans wanted to sell their future earnings potential as an NFT like modern day high tech slavery? They have no morals…

Alright now I’m being “dunked on” by people who haven’t been heard from since March 2020. Do they not see the price is still like 10x higher? Bullish

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The Bitcoin purge is good for the ecosystem. It’s a conviction test that scares away weak momentum traders and allows new entrants who have been waiting for a cheaper price. Long-term hodlers have been conditioned to buy the dip and those using a dollar cost average strategy will quickly absorb the discounted sats. It also discourages buying on highly leveraged margin. “We set the price floor. We give this value.” -Fight Club, probably

Osama bin Laden was evil and my heart goes out to the lives lost, but the economic destruction caused by the still ongoing wars are multiple times worse (not to mention the uncountable innocent Iraqi and Afghan lives lost). Bin Laden is now dead but he definitely won that battle.

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