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I'm old enough to remember when the US regulated bitcoin in 2014-2018. And I'm supposed to worry now?

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let us celebrate the great migration with the song of our people

I'm so done with Twitter, and Gettr looks insecure as hell. Glad we still have this for now.

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I originally tried a really cheap VPS with spinning drives (and probably over subscribed) and that was a disaster.

My current VPS has 3GB of Ram and about 60GB of hard drive space similar to the 3GB model here:

I've found Racknerd to be an excellent provider with great pricing if you can snag one of these specials.

The only constraint is storage as Mastodon caches images and will fill the drive even with only me on the instance.

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Does anyone know where to obtain an eSIM card with BTC? is all sold out, although a US number would be better anyway.

The eco-socialist statists need to cry harder so I can stack bitcoin cheaper. Imagine hating freedom money where all participants opted-in voluntarily. What does that say about them?

Learned so much in those 3.5 years. I can’t be the only one. Let’s go!

I’d like to buy the “Collateral Damage” video released by Wikileaks as an NFT and see how my rights as the owner are enforced by the government.

Anyone remember when some Ethereans wanted to sell their future earnings potential as an NFT like modern day high tech slavery? They have no morals…

Alright now I’m being “dunked on” by people who haven’t been heard from since March 2020. Do they not see the price is still like 10x higher? Bullish

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