The Bitcoin is dead! Long live the Bitcoin!

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Why would regional banks push back?

They are beholden to share holders. There is zero profitability handing out high risk/zero yield loans. They will say: no more.

The Central Bank will bypass them and hand out those loans directly. 8/

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Started using now, If you are a Bitcoiner, please follow and retweet.
I will follow you all.

I have also explicitly been asked for a bribe by customs officials in India and Vietnam (did not pay). Friends of mine have been arrested and jailed for crossing borders with cash they won legally from casinos.

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Here are some additional frustrations that I shared in a discord chat among other professional gamblers. And you wonder why I’m a Bitcoiner.

If it wasn’t time sensitive I could go through the steps of setting up a bitcoin exchange account in Mexico but it would probably take a few days to verify. Can’t believe the difficulty given how normal it should be to remit money from the US to Mexico.

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Had to send money to Mexico to help a friend pay for a medical procedure. Western Union promised $5 fee but online ACH transfer failed, debit card verification failed ($15 fee), and so I had to walk cash into a physical location ($34 fee). Dollar General had their own cash limits of $800 so that failed. Finally the local grocery store accepted it. It still cost about 1% of the total value (not including exchange rate conversion) which isn’t bad but wasted an hour of my life.

Anyone else hearing from older relatives just recently? I also mentioned I bought more BTC with all the stimulus money received, and she agreed it was a good idea too. Very unusual...

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After hearing about Bitcoin from me since 2013, my mother just today asked where she can buy some in April after she files her tax refunds. She is your typical Fox News diehard but doesn’t save or invest in anything as far as I know. This change of government and Capitol raid has shaken her into action. She never was interested when the price ran from $150 to $20k so it isn’t FOMO

Traders must be 6 Red Bulls deep in this action! @TallTim are you busy? Lol

If anyone is halfway decent with photoshop, would you mind putting Nouriel’s head on the dog’s body for an upcoming Bitcoin video?

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