sats per ₹1..


@BTChap did you plot this? Can you please post -4 to 4 version?

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#idea.. #bitcoin RBF with auto fee increment rate

Example tx;
Pay 1000 sats as fee, transfer rest to address 1abcd*.. to go in block-n, otherwise increase fee 2 sats/block


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4 votes.. all 4 choose different options. :)

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Which of these journeys will be the most important one, for ?

@waxwing this post has some projections on fee / rewards crossover. 2028-2029..

So, the poll result is ok :)

@waxwing yes, it's just like btc exchange rate prediction

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When will tx fee become greater than block reward?

discount sale.. 9.35% down from recent high $9200.

@[email protected] abstraction is useful for beginners, and in UI libraries / frameworks.

Users who are not good with UI doesn't have deal with all the complexities of html and css.

I can use bootstrap, but never imagine building one with css & html.

@[email protected] no, we still need to learn html + css, at least to customize the UI the way we want.

@[email protected] js can be higher level abstraction, and hide css & html.

@verretor that's why I mute these people.. and tweets with csw, sv, bch, ethereum, defi don't even enters my timeline.

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